Proudly Roasted on Hatteras Island since 2015

About Us

A Small Business With Big Aspirations

HELLO, my name is Matt and I am the owner/roaster at Cape Hatteras Coffee Co. I've Been a full-time EMT and part-time coffee roaster for as long as i have lived on Hatteras Island. Being an EMT I began to greatly understand the need for quality coffee (Sorry 711) and Starting in 2015 we began the craft roasting journey. Funny enough the first couple of batches were done on a skillet in the front yard.  Now we have moved on (still small but much more legit). We pride ourselves on quality and sustainability and by only roasting specialty grade coffee obtained from reputable importers we can be sure that everyone in the supply chain benefits. Being a small business we believe that no customer is insignificant. Whether it be an order for a single pound or a large wholesale order we will insure that everyone receives a quality product! We've been told we have the best coffee on Hatteras Island and that means a lot to us. There is a surplus of coffee nearby but we can assure you with confidence that there is no other coffee roastery like ours. So next time you get a cup of coffee somewhere around town ask them if they serve Cape Hatteras Coffee because it's local and so GOOD! 


Our roastery is unique to say the least. It began with a far fetched idea that became a reality through hard work, persistence, and maybe a little luck. Scroll through our pictures at the bottom of the website and you will see our tiny house on wheels that serves as our Dep. of Agriculture approved work shop/roastery! Believe it or not, we have a commercial 3kg roaster in that tiny house along with a hot water sink, coffee cart, and guitar.  If you would like quality coffee at your business, school, church, or anywhere  please e-mail us or call Matt Stankavich (owner/roaster) 804-350-9897

Event services

During summer months we regularly visit several farmers Markets though out the Outer Banks. You can find us most Tuesdays at the Avon Farmers Market, Saturdays at the downtown Manteo Market, and occasionally making an appearance at the new Dowdy Park Nags Head Farmers Market!  For a look at what we offer please read the menu below.  

Event Menu

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